What is Automated Income?

What if you created an online business that generated you continuous income without you having to lift a finger?

What if this same business generated more income for you at home than any other job or career you’ve ever had?

It’s all true and possible with automated income my friend.

One of the best ways to simplify your life is to put your income on autopilot. You can make money from home, on vacation, working a job, sleep, or anywhere if  you do the necessary work upfront.

This may sound too good to be true, or like some sort of scam that only works for the dishonest. The truth of the matter is ALL major businesses are doing it and it’s time for you to get a piece of the income pie and live your dreams.

Gone are the days of working one job until retirement living happily ever after. Going to school no longer guarantees that you will have a successful career and maintain employment long enough to retire happily.

With the economy snowballing like it is, the distance between rich and poor gets wider while eliminating the existence of the Middle Class in the process.

You see you’re soon going to be faced with a decision to take control of your destiny, or relinquish control of your future to the hands of some corporate entity.

World Wide Web to the rescue!

We live in an exceptional age of information technology.

Now anyone with some sound business acumen, technology experience, and drive can run a profitable business from the comfort of their home.

The internet doesn’t necessarily allow you to shortcut your way to wealth, but it affords you to opportunity to obtain wealth that has been historically reserved for big corporations.

What does this have to do with automated income you may be wondering.

“Automated income is a process of setting up a stream of income that will require you to do minimal work to maintain”

As Robert Kiyosaki says “Rich people do it once”.  You set it and forget it.

Where in the past, owners of corporations automated their business by hiring layers of people under them to complete the tasks while they relax. Now online business owners can do the same by utilizing the proper tools available via the internet.

Let’s use Redbox for an example. Redbox is one of the truest forms of automation to date. Here’s what you will find to be true about Redbox:

  • You will never interface with a human being, thus allowing the machine to work 24/7
  • Redbox units can serve 100,000s of people at the same time independent of geographic location
  • Removes humans from the path needed to receive money and accept returns
  • Redbox income is only limited by space and availability, NOT time
  • Requires customers to interface with a screen to purchase the product(s) they want

It is because of these factors that Redbox is able to do so well. In fact, between Redbox and Netflix (another automated business model), Blockbuster was literally run out of its own town and space of DVD movie distribution. Automated income done properly is powerful and highly lucrative!

This may be a new concept to a lot of readers but bare with me. As you continue to follow this blog all the pieces will slowly start to fall into place. Pieces like email marketing, opt-in forms, digital distribution, merchant accounts, shopping carts, squeeze pages, membership sites, etc. will all be common knowledge as you begin to internalize the information.

Trust me, this kind of teaching is what is going to set you miles ahead of your competition and allow you to operate a real business that provides you the opportunity to live your desired lifestyle.

So drop me a comment below and let me know where you are at as far as automated income.

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