What I Did When I Caught My Son Listening To Bobby Shmurda

Maybe I’m missing something here?…this weekend I heard my son (12 yrs. old) and his cousins rapping a song he said was called “About a Week Ago”.

I don’t listen to the garbage so before I researched the real title and who the artist was I had my son explain it. This is what I had him do…

  1. Look up the lyrics (no music) and write them down
  2. Make a list of all the words he didn’t understand
  3. Make a list of all the words he did understand
  4. Write one paragraph explaining what the song was about

Here’s some of what he wrote…

  • Words I did NOT understand:
  • Dog fight
  • Crack
  • AR (as in AR-15)
  • A hoe
  • Grimey shooters
  • Freaking
  • Breezy
  • Sheisty
  • Giving neck
  • Trap house

Just seeing him write these words was disheartening. On one hand it shows his innocence that this is not part of his everyday vocabulary. On the other hand it shows how quickly that innocence can be demolished at the hands of some stupid rap song and dance.

Even worse…this ignorance is being internalized as an appealing way of life to our kids.

So yes I did break down the meaning of every word to him (except giving neck that one was just too graphic for his young mind). I also explained how I expect more from him as a young leader. To be a light in the darkness. Encourage him to speak truth because just as he didn’t know what the words meant his cousins, and friends at school have no clue either. And they probably don’t even care cuz it has a catchy beat and they like the dance..smh.

We HAVE to start holding these cowardice rappers accountable for this garbage they are feeding our youth. Whether the kids realize what they are saying or not they are being trained to hate themselves, devalue life, and speak death into their lives.

I just don’t understand why this is so hard for us to see and stand united against? We must do better.