Don’t Buy Anything Yet! – Prove Before You Purchase

So often times starting a business online people are naturally inclined to buy what they need for the journey. While this may appear as the best way to start, it is totally wrong.

There are numerous reasons to hold out buying “stuff” you feel you need for your business. The main reason can be found in one of my personal laws of online business building “Proof Before You Purchase”

The “Proof Before You Purchase” law requires that you prove that you are truly passionate and serious about your business before you drop down any money on it.

“Prove Your Passion Before You Purchase”

Speaking from experience, when I first started my online business I thought I “needed” everything my eyes came across. From WordPress Themes, plugins, software, merchant accounts, design templates, physical equipment, and more. I was simply in the mindset of not wanting anything to stand between my way of success in my business.

Though it seemed harmless and like a good idea at the time. It wasn’t. Here’s why…

Without a doubt, at some point in your business, you’re going to need to purchase the necessary tools to generate money. However, it is when you purchase those tools that is the topic of discussion here. It’s easy to stop progress because you don’t have the money to buy the tool you need. On the other hand, if you do have the money, it’s easy to purchase all the tools you need so you won’t stop.

The flaw with both approaches is that it takes the focus off what really matters. Instead of finding all the right tools (or making excuses due to a lack of tools), your focus needs to be on who is going to be operating those tools. Your focus needs to be on YOU.

Learn from my error. Most of the stuff I purchased, I either found free alternatives later or I simply did not need them like I thought I did. Even more, some of the free alternatives would’ve allowed me to achieve almost the exact same result without the monetary investment.

It was like someone gave me all the right tools to build a mansion, but I never took the time to learn how to use them. So here I am with all these new and cool tools with absolutely no clue about how to use them to build my online business. I witnessed other people using these tools (so I knew they worked), however, I simply did not learn how to use the tools myself.

That’s when I shifted my attitude…

“I stopped purchasing things and started purchasing education”

Remember, the shortest path to success is a clear, educated, and often paid path. Learning what to do and how to do it for your online business is an invaluable asset to any entrepreneur. Once you’ve educated yourself on what is required on the path, you can then begin your journey.

Mind you, I said “begin your journey” not “start purchasing for the journey”. There are still some other intangible and necessary tools you will need before you get started.

Starting out, it’s critical that after you’ve educated yourself that you use absolutely every resource you have at your disposal before you start making purchases of resources you may or may not need.

Though you may be able to shorten your path to success, there are no shortcuts for educating yourself. If you want to be successful in your business it begins with you being successful in your education.

This information age provides more than enough resources for you to become educated in ANY field. There really is no excuse for you to not take advantage. Furthermore, stop using the excuse of not having any money to start your business and start gathering the necessary information to help you start your business. As you continue to follow this blog I will prove to you that not only can you start today, you can start with whatever amount of money you have right now.

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