I Get To – Father’s Day Message (2014)

Fatherhood is not an obligation or duty for me…it’s a blessing.

I don’t have to raise my children, I GET to raise my children.

I get to change their diapers to let them know I care.

I get to provide for all their needs to let them know they have nothing to worry about.

I get to hug and kiss them daily to make sure they never question my love for them.

I get to love on their mother in front of them so they know how to treat a woman.

I get to instill in them a strong identity of who they are so they don’t look to their friends or the media for a false one.

I get to honor my father and all that he has taught me by imparting the same principles in my children with hopes they achieve much greater than I have.

I get to see their faces light up and yell “Daddy!” as soon as I get home.

This whole fatherhood thing…I get it.

And I am filled with joy and truly blessed to be called to father such amazing children.

Happy father’s day to my amazing Dad Percy Davis who continues to be a great blessing in my life.

Happy father’s day to all the men who have answered the call of fatherhood and know their life is blessed to have done so. ‪