I See You – A Father’s Day Message (2015)

I see you young father

Your fear and nervousness of whether or not you’re good enough to raise a child is evident. You’re not sure if things will work out between you and your child’s mother but that won’t prevent you from raising your child. Your friends may tease you that your life is over but it has just begun. I know you don’t know the path ahead and I also know you will not leave your child’s side. You don’t need years of experience to validate your manhood…your constant presence in your child’s life will do that. Your willingness to take what you don’t know and still love this new creation is all that is required of you. You are enough.

I see you single father

I know you tried your best to provide a two parent home for you child. Things simply didn’t work out. Your load is far heavier than you ever imagined but your love drives you every day. You don’t have all the answers and get overwhelmed with small tasks like doing your daughter’s hair. A lot of times your doubts overshadow your importance. But you’d do anything for you child. No matter what you view as your shortcomings you remain their super hero. You can never be Mommy and they are willing to accept you just as you are…as Daddy. You are enough.

I see you married father

I salute you. You made the commitment, hung in there, and are a great example to us all. You incite hope into every young girl when she sees your love for your wife and children. You define what a true man is for every adolescent male teen. Your family has an identity because of your presence. Your wife feels secure in your presence and is taken care of by your provision. I know you are often overshadowed by the ones who decided to abandon their responsibility. And society will never praise your efforts accurately. I know it’s hard. But you are a mighty example. You are an inspiration for all, and your family is blessed because of you honoring your commitment. You are enough.

I see you runaway father

This day is NOT for you. But it can be. It all starts with a decision. You must be willing to make the commitment to face your past, accept the pain you have caused, and make every effort to change it. You were not created to be a relationship track star. He called you to be a tree planted in selflessness. Rooted in love. Producing fruit to nourish your family and society. You can break the cycle. It’s never too late to step up. I know you have made mistakes you are not proud of but it is not about you. Your children need you…you are enough.

I see you mourning father

No one can ever question the love you had for you child. People can’t understand the daily battle you deal with facing the reality you will never hold or see your baby again. Your child was taken from this earth far too soon. I can only imagine the pain you carry in your heart. Somehow the loss has made you stronger. Though I wish the strength could have been realized under different circumstances, I am reminded of the plans of God that no man knows. Your child’s death was not in vain. Nobody can ever remove the love you have for them from your heart. Although the grief is real, so is the hope. The hope that there are brighter and better days ahead. A piece of you left when your child was laid to rest, but you still push on. It was not your fault. You are not damaged goods. You are enough.

I see you Heavenly Father

I thank you. I know that every man was created in your image. To abound in love and do great works in your name. You are the true definition of a man. Everything I long to be is found in you. The way you love the church everlasting, how you never turn your back on those who have turned their back on you, and how you keep loving those who don’t express love towards you. Thank you for setting the bar at unreachable heights. So that no matter the size of my accomplishments I know I can accomplish far more if I abide in you. You are the navigator of my family, the true protector of my children, and author of my vision. You have called me to fatherhood and I accept it. I know the visible relationship my children have with me is necessary for them to establish the non-visible relationship with their real Father. You are more than enough.

Happy Father’s Day to every man enduring daily to provide a better future for their family.