Let’s Go Back

Ok, I’m ready to go back.

Let’s go back to the time in America when everyone was treated equal.

That time when everybody cared for each other genuinely and didn’t focus on the color of your skin.

I wanna go back to when finding love was more important than the skin color of the person you love.

I loved the time in America when women were valued and their rapists were persecuted to the highest degree of the law.

Remember when no African Americans were ever hanged? And black women weren’t raped and inpregnated by their slave owner? Let’s get back to that.

While we’re at it, let’s go back to when black folks were treated as an entire human being and never 3/5 of a man. Wouldn’t that be crazy?!

When dogs were used as pets and not ceased on crowds of blacks.

When fire hydrants were used for play instead of being sprayed by the police.

When trees were used for climbing and not hanging black families.

I was proud of America when all Chinese people weren’t expected to be smart or all Asians drive a Honda.

I really liked it in America when the Latino community was not referred to as criminals and rapists as a whole and threatened by the building of a wall.

Remember when you could be a Muslim in America and not immediately be considered a terrorist? Man those were the days.

Or what about when you could get pulled over and live to tell about it?

Can you imagine having your hands up towards law enforcement and not being shot to death?

I can’t wait for the day people were given a second chance at life instead of being tried on the street by a jury of armed officers who felt threatened.

Let’s rewind time to when police officers held each other accountable for their actions and lost their jobs for dishonoring the badge.

I’m excited to get back to the days when you could serve this country, come home, and be properly compensated for keeping this country safe.

Remember the time when your child could go to the corner store for Skittles and return home alive? Can’t wait for those days.

I’m telling you, we’re gonna get back to when comments left online were full of love and inspiration.

I’m anxious to get back to the time when the workforce was diverse and well balanced. When you weren’t shocked to see another person of color holding a position of leadership.

Can you imagine not having to work twice as hard as everybody else just to get the same opportunity as everybody else?

Those were the times.

I loved it when housing discrimination didn’t create ghettos that breed self hate.

Oooooooo…I can barely wait to go back to when the government didn’t infuse drugs in our community to prohibit progression, diminish hope, and encourage crime.

How about when being caught on camera meant guilty for both citizens and law enforcement.

My heart longs to get back to when we didn’t corrupt our children with racism. When they were given a fair chance at life to embrace all races.

Don’t you recall when people weren’t homophobic? When you could befriend and love on someone who didn’t have the same sexual preference as you.

When black leaders weren’t murdered in public and the Black Panther Party was given the same freedom and respect that the Klux Klan have always received.

While we’re at it, I’d like to go back to when hate groups like the KKK never existed.

C’mon family, let’s all go back to when minorities were protected by the law instead of being unevenly persecuted by it.

I swear I remember the time when jail was used strictly for criminals instead of big business by way of mass incarceration of minorities.

Remember when rap had a message? And rappers didn’t promote death, sex, and drugs then turn around and protest against the very image their music created?

Please let us go back to where black churches weren’t bombed and people didn’t murder others within the walls of the church.

I just want to go back to where you could make a mistake but not be labeled a mistake for the rest of your life.

Let’s get back to humanity. When people simply treated each other as fellow human beings.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Wouldn’t that make America great again?

C’mon everybody…let’s just hit the restart button and go back.