My Story

Build A Successful Business And Family

It All Starts At Home

I’ve had quite the experience as an entrepreneur.
An ex-corporate worker (I was employed at Lockheed Martin as an Electrical Engineer for 7 years) I have to admit the path to entrepreneurship chose me.

My wife had been laid off a couple years prior, my youngest son was just born (3 months old), and I had just been fired. So I did what any family loving husband and father would do to provide for his family…I started my own business to restore control of my life and my family’s financial well being.

It just wasn’t that simple.

With a bunch of ambition and intellect I figured if I could graduate college I could start a business and be successful. 3 years later, all funds exhausted (including savings), and staring at an empty refrigerator proved otherwise.

But I had to make it work. Failure wasn’t an option because I have a family that is depending on me to make it. And I wanted them to be able to depend on me. Furthermore, I wanted to provide for my family and give my wife the security she deserves.

In the end…I figured it out. And I didn’t have to lose my family or abort my business to do it.

“It Hasn’t Been Easy, But It’s Been Worth It”

As a married man there’s no greater feeling than being able to meet the needs of your family.

I have been blessed to be able to do that while doing what I love…leverage technology for marketing.

For the last couple years I have held the position of Head of Marketing Automation for one of the nations fastest growing startups called Leadpages. I was responsible for creating systems with technology that ran the marketing by themselves.

The term is called marketing automation.

My work there opened up an amazing opportunity with a marketing automation company called ActiveCampaign. This is where I currently hold the title, Director of Education where I get to operate in my true passion of teaching. I get to teach marketing automation to business owners and provide them with the best software to execute my teachings with.

I simply can’t complain and thank God for bringing me down this path.

My path definitely hasn’t been the most orthodox, but its mine.

By working just as hard on my marriage as I did my business I was able to build my business, be present with my family often, and provide a stable means of living.

Hopefully I can encourage you to expect and do the same.

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