My Thoughts on Mike Brown and What Needs to Change

“He looked like a demon” ~ Darren Wilson

My heart is extremely heavy, but not just from Mike Brown. It’s heavy because this is nothing new. It has been happening for decades. I’m glad with social media and cell phone coverage that more exposure is being given but my real question is…“Should it take all of this for us to wake up?”

We have to stop being so reactive to everything when all the signs to be proactive are present. For generations the image of the black man has been portrayed as aggressive, violent, and ignorant. But instead of combating the image by educating ourselves and speaking properly we go out and support the Jay Z’s, Beyonce’s, Yung Money, Lil Waynes, (insert any other modern day rapper/entertainer) that do nothing but promote this same image.

We glorify money and material things over a life. Last year a young black man (Mario Hamilton aka Slim Dunkin) was shot and killed over some candy! We simply do not value life enough as a people to challenge each other to do better. We don’t hold each other or these ignorant rappers accountable for their mindless music and terrible imagery. Instead we buy their albums, sing their songs, twerk to their videos then are the first ones to throw a hoodie on claiming justice.

The system is corrupt, but that’s nothing new. We all know the plight minorities are up against. I promise we are good enough, smart enough, strong enough to still rise in spite of. But it’s going to take some work. We have to commit to education and expose our youth to a better way. We have to stop listen to this garbage music before we can instruct them not too. But before any of that can happen FATHERS WE HAVE TO BE PRESENT! To look for the system to treat our young black sons better than we are willing to is absolute foolishness.

Until we can show we value life first, we will never be able to effectively communicate it to the rest of the world. Mike Brown was not a demon, he was a young black man that deserved to live. He deserved a chance.

If we’re tired of this happening we HAVE TO fix the issue from the inside out. The police are shooting the images of us…not people. Darren Wilson called him a demon, not a human being. This is our problem to begin solving. It starts with us and the images we agree to promote.

Prayers to the Brown family and every other family, no matter the race, that has lost loved ones to American injustice.