Results Speak Louder Than Words

We’ve all heard the saying, just haven’t heard it put this way in particular.

But the truth of the matter is “what you produce out of your actions (results) will always speak louder than words”.

No matter how well you speak, or how great your ideas sounds. Until you couple it with action and produce results be prepared to fight against doubt and disbelief.

I experienced this personally in my business. In the beginning I had all these great ideas and theories of how you could build different businesses online. I spoke about it with passion to almost everybody I came across. I visualized me actually having the money I claimed my ideas about business could make.

I was so sold on my own ideas and theories that I forgot about one of the most influential factors. I would later learn the hard way what the flaw in my approach was.

Here’s what happened to me…

As my client list grew (including friends and family), I realized that I was spending more time convincing them about my ideas than actually showing them what to do. I found myself almost in defense mode when trying to explain exactly what strategies to use to start generating income.

It just kept getting worse. I remember I was helping one client on adding a optin form (a form used to capture email addresses and other information online) to their website. Right as I’m completing, they tell me instead of how I built and designed it they wanted it a different way.

Let me pause and insert that in business you’re taught the client is always right. However, there are circumstances where the client needs your expertise and it has to be given even if it is not easily understood. If they knew everything they would’ve done it themselves without you right? Back to the story…

As humble as I am I still get offended. I was very offended. Offended that I took all the time to research and it was easily disregarded and thrown away without a second thought. I spent hours upon hours learning how to implement this properly and here comes some “newbie” telling me they want to do it their way. Who did they think they were?!

While all these thoughts were going through my head I simply said “Ok” and figured I’d do it their way and just get it over with. You’ll learn in business that you have to pick your battles. Some you fight, some you let go, and some you place on hold to regroup and attack at a later time. It was time to let this one go, and I did.

Unfortunately, they weren’t the last people to do this to me. In fact, it seemed like everybody’s opinion was outweighing mine. It was like an “opinion epidemic” where everybody voiced theirs and killed mine. I felt powerless in my own business. That is until I made a change.

I realized I was the common denominator in the whole process. There was something I was lacking. Something so evident I’m overlooking it by over complicating the solution (engineers often do this). I started thinking of the saying:

Thoughts produce feelings. Feelings produce actions. Actions produce results

It was like magic. The solution jumped out at me like never before and I knew exactly where I had gone wrong.

Although my information and research was accurate, I hadn’t actually proved it for myself. I did not put into practice my own teachings, and master them, before I gave them to someone else. I was giving away “unmastered” information!

To make matters worse, when it came time to rectify the situation I looked at my actions for the answer. I thought if  I did something different I’d get the results I wanted.


“If you’re not producing the results you want, your thoughts are to blame”

I hadn’t changed my thought process about the situation. My mindset remained the same so even though I was acting differently my results differed very little. I thought merely giving people great information was good enough. I thought I didn’t have to try it myself or master it first in order to be successful.

Well you see where that thought process got me. Down a road of frustration and failure. This happens to a good majority of business owners as well. They don’t realize that the results they are producing cannot be changed on the outside by what they do. It has to be changed on the inside by how they think.

This is why simply doing something different is not enough to produce the results that you want. It’s deeper than that. It’s a mental game. Your life inside of you creates the life outside of you. Not the other way around.

Once you master the mental game you will see the expected results will follow shortly. Thoughts coupled with emotions (feelings) are a dangerous combination for any human being. But even that is not enough.

You MUST act on it as well. The action I’m talking about is actually doing the required work necessary to produce the results desired. In my example, I took action (which was flawed by my thinking) by telling and trying to help people without first proving it myself. That was not the correct action to produce the results required. I saw this by people telling me what to do for them instead of asking me for my expertise.

So before I could change my results I had to change my actions. I couldn’t change my actions without changing my attitude (how I felt)  toward the situation. My attitude was a direct result of my mindset. In order to change my results I had to change how I thought about my approach in business.

Once I did this, the results were night and day. I launched my website and had people asking (not telling) me how to do it the same way. Instead of convincing them I was able to instruct an guide them. With a different thought process I was able to get the exact results I was out to get.

People were more willing to listen to my results more than my voice. Results speak louder.

What does this mean for you? I would challenge you today to take inventory of the results you are seeing in your life and your business. Are they your desired results? If not, your mind is probably the culprit. You simply may not have educated yourself enough on how to get the desired results; or you are operating of old, inaccurate information from your past.

So make a commitment today to stop living life in reverse. Instead of focusing on the error of your actions put the focus where it belongs. On your mind. It will yield results that speak louder than any words you will ever speak.