Teaching My Son He Must Pay to Play

PROUD FATHER MOMENT…for the summer I’ve been trying to teach my son to use his brain instead of watching TV and playing video games. I came up with an idea of how to teach him business and creativity. Here’s what I did…

Before he can play every week he has to find a way to make $5. Physical labor and household chores were excluded. He has to create a way to get paid from his creativity.

He struggled and was frustrated at first. A couple weeks his mom, grandma, and grandpa bailed him out with ideas.

This week, however, was different. He rode his bike to the store with $5 dollars. Bought 5 bags of assorted candy, repackaged them in smaller bags and sold them to his friends for $.50 each. Came home today with over $10! I told him in the real world any business owner would be proud of those numbers.

Watch out world…we may have the next millionaire in the making!