The Importance of Making the Tough Decisions In Life

Wow. I Was just encouraging my little sister to be willing to make the tough decisions in life in order to elevate to a higher level in her personal and professional life. Only to be met with a hard decision I had to make myself.

I “fired” my first top-tier client today. VERY hard decision but I simply wasn’t feeling the work. I wasn’t excited about the work I was doing. It was taking longer to complete tasks (and get paid) than my normal client flow and I found myself putting up with it only because they had a “big name”.

The reason I’m posting this is to encourage entrepreneurs to stay true to your core values and reasons for getting into business. Don’t be so money hungry and fame driven that you sacrifice the very reason you started your business (there are enough celebrities and artist already doing that). The day I am no longer excited about what I do, is the day I quit doing it.

Seriously, 7 years in the corporate world working for a check because “I had to” or “I have mouths to feed” was some of the most boring, uninspiring work I’ve ever done in my life. Countless days of returning home feeling well paid but empty internally knowing that I had more to offer than what my job required of me.

So for me to allow a client to turn my business into a “job” is simply unacceptable. The more I mature as a business owner the more I realize you must always maintain a willingness to walk away from ANY situation that violates your core beliefs and changes how you feel about owning your own business. Again, these are tough decisions to make but truly separate you from being average to living at your full potential in life. ‪#‎lessonlearned‬