The Midas Touch – Turn Any Business into Gold

What if it were possible for you to be profitable in any business venture? What if making money online was as simple as choosing and doing? Well, let me show you that it IS possible to guarantee such success in ANY business.

We’ve all seen those successful people on television that seems like whatever they do it just works. Whatever album they make seems to fly off the shelves. Whatever business they open seems to thrive instantly. Wherever they go people follow by the droves.

It seems as if whatever they put their hands to succeeds.

As magical as that may sound there is actually a good explanation for it. It’s called “The Midas Touch”.

The Midas Touch is a term adapted from the Greek Myth King Midas who made a wish to be able to turn anything he touched into gold. Though a pleasant thought, at first, the king soon realized that even the food he touched would turn to gold before he could eat it. What was meant to be a blessing ultimately cursed the king. Thankfully, that same principle doesn’t apply to business.

Having the Midas Touch in business simply means that whatever you put your time and efforts into produces profits. As I mentioned, we’ve all heard stories or seen people on the news that just seem to get one good deal after the other. In the back of our mind we find ourselves dismissing their success as “lucky” or exclusive to a certain type of people.

Well the reality is ANYBODY can have the Midas Touch. Unlike King Midas, you don’t need a wish from a mythical god to obtain it you just need to know a few things…

There are 3 critical factors that will dictate whether or not you will obtain the Midas Touch in your business. They are: 1)Mindset, 2)Exposure, and 3)Execution. Here is how they play a part in giving you unlimited success in business.


Obtaining the proper mindset will be one of the overarching themes of this blog. That’s how critical I believe it is. Mindset is often overlooked and underestimated as a contributing factor in the failures and success of many businesses. I’ve read books, articles, magazines, and transcripts from successful people and they all have similar mindsets when it comes to achieving great success in running a business online.

In order to succeed in your business online you have to gain the mindset that sees opportunities instead of obstacles. This is key because I’ve never heard a millionaire speak of what prevented them from making millions. Instead we’re told of stories of how they overcame and what they had to endure to make their millions. This is true for all levels of success, not just millionaires.

“Successful people see opportunities instead of obstacles”

The factor in obtaining this mindset is changing your perspective. You have to view yourself and your capabilities as bigger than the current circumstance or obstacle. A 4 foot man to a baby is a giant, but to a 7 foot man that 4 foot man looks like a midget. It’s all in your perspective.

Your mindset shapes your perspective. If you have been feeding your mind with positive and empowering information, your perspective in life will start to reflect that. So the type of information you are feeding your mind is critical to shaping your perspective and realizing the opportunities present.


It is said that once a balloon has been expanded, it can never go back to its original state. The same is true for the mind. But instead of filling your head with air, you need to fill it with understanding and wisdom through exposure.

“Your mind, like a balloon; once expanded, can never return to its original form”

Have you ever came across information that made you change the way you look at things forever? Maybe you found a new way home that saves time, or found a new technique to teach your child how to progress mentally quicker.

Whatever the case, being exposed to certain information can change your outlook and expectations in life permanently.

The same goes for being exposed to the methods and tools that you can use to build a successful online business. There are a few reasons you may find overwhelming with starting an online business: 1) you have not been properly exposed to the tools and how to use them, 2) you’ve been exposed to people abusing the tools for selfish gain and have formed a negative view about making money online, and 3) you simply don’t understand that the same principles that offline businesses use are the same ones used for online businesses. The tools just differ.

My mission is to expose you not only to the tools you have at your disposal, but teach you how you can use them effectively to build your empire online. But just knowing of the tools is not enough. You need to know how to use the tools. That’s all in the execution.


The final, and often overlooked, factor in becoming successful in your business is execution. There is a direct correlate between the success and failure of those that execute and those who don’t. Whether you execute the information you’ve obtained or not all begins with a decision.

“Success follows decisive people”

It’s simple. You need to make a decision that you are going to do something. The next step is DO IT! I mean Nike, to this day, has one of the best slogans ever “Just Do It”. Don’t worry about it being perfect, stop agonizing over what people may think, and stop talking about what you’re about to do and JUST DO IT!

Excuse my exclamation marks but I really want you to internalize how straightforward this step is. Wealthy and successful people pride themselves on the ability to execute an idea or plan to completion.

One thing that has helped me shorten my gap between information gained and execution is writing down a plan. I take a basic legal pad (any kind of paper will do) and I start mapping out my idea. Once I have the idea mapped out I work backwards to the first step I need to take in order to start executing.

Some ideas I find aren’t worth the time, while others prove to be just as great on paper as they were in my head. Either way, I’ll never know without execution.

My challenge to you today is to start writing down all the ideas that have been flooding your mind lately. Make a conscious effort to keep adding to this list so no idea is left unrecorded. As this list grows start thinking of ways you can start executing at least ONE idea.

In doing this you’ll start to understand the roles that your mindset and exposure play into successfully executing an idea. Start building on all three of these areas in your life and I guarantee you will find that the Midas Touch is not as hard to obtain in your business as you may have thought.