The Mission

It has begun. The change is permanent and there’s no turning back.

Have you ever been so full of potential (or new ideas) that you just could no longer hold it in? You try not to think about it but it consumes your mind. You try not to talk about it but your conversations seem to always stray towards the subject.

“There’s something inside of you that needs to be released”

There is something you were created to do, created to be that has not yet manifest in your life. No matter how good your life is you have this undeniable feeling that there’s more for you. For some reason what satisfies everyone else doesn’t pacify your longing to do more, have more, and be more.

Well my friend, you’re not alone. I was just like you. Suffering from the same symptoms of settling for what others decided was good for me and what I should have. Fed up, I finally decided…

“I want more out of life. More for myself and more for my family” 

That’s when the mission began for me. The mission to obtain total control of my time and finances to restore the power of choice in my life. The ability to choose what days I want to work and what days I will rest. The ability to choose freely when I will take a vacation. The ability to ultimately run my business the way I want and make as much money doing it as I want.

I am on a mission to remove the limits of my life imposed by generational poverty, higher educational slavery (student loans), corporate brainwashing, and the perpetual cycle of debt accumulation and elimination.

Personally, I believe I’ve done all I can. I graduated from college with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. After receiving my first corporate job, upon graduation, I achieved a Masters in Business Administration. Making more money than most professionals in my region, I got married, built a house from the ground up, populated the home with children, and lived well within my means.

“If there was such thing as The American Dream, I was as close to it as possible”

So why the empty feeling? Why were things still so tight financially? Why was I not satisfied with where I was? Why didn’t I feel as “rich” or free as everyone else was claiming I was?

The answer for me resided in one word…CHOICE. No matter how much money I made or material things obtained, I was suffering from a lack of control in my life due to the imprisonment of my ability to exercise choice.

The life that I so readily ran into was far from what “they” said it was. I was told to get a good job because you’re going to need money; only to have my employer treat me however they pleased for the sake of a paycheck. I was told to climb the corporate ladder to be successful; only to realize the impact that lifestyle had on my family by me not being present in the home like I needed to be. I was told to work hard and retire happy, even though I have never seen someone retire happily living the life of their dreams

“I had no choice but to keep working. How else would I make a living to support my family?”

After years of trying to find an answer to that question, my search finally ended. I realized that the purpose for my life was far greater than any paycheck from an employer. I was desperate to find a way to allow my purpose to provide for me the lifestyle that most folk only dreamed of.

“You can get paid doing what you love”, is no longer a catchy phrase on some infomercial making empty promises. It’s a reality. The question is are you up for the challenge? Are you really sick and tired of the way your life is going and projected to be? Can you honestly say your future is looking brighter, or are you hoping for a miracle along the way? If the next 5 years of your life were like the 5 previous years, would you be satisfied?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions, I believe it’s time for your Mission Possible to start today. Let me help navigate you to a lifestyle dreamt of by many and achieved by few. I’m a living testimony it’s possible. Not only for me, but for you as well.

This blog is going to be a great resource guide for you and your Mission. I will be posting regularly to ensure you get exactly what you need to complete your Mission. In fact, you can enter your email address below and get access to me personally to help you with any issues or advice needed going forward.

So make sure you’re checking back frequently and participating in the comments area below. There is strength in numbers and I am dedicated to helping your next days be your best days. I want it for you just as bad (or more) than I do for myself. I am at your service and am excited about the journey.