The Truth About Time: Why Some Have More Than Others Pt.2

By now you know the difference between regular time and value added time. That is the whole basis for my claim “Time is NOT money”.

I am going to take it a step further to ensure you understand the importance of time in building your business and how to maximize it.

In my previous post I mentioned the shortest path to success (or desired results) is a clear, educated path. When you are clear about what to do, how to do it, and what outcome to expect; you are able to move forward with confidence.

It’s the same confidence, coupled with faith, that will help you continue your journey as you hit road blocks, stumbling blocks, and mental blocks. So if this confidence comes with clarity, how do you get clarity? Well there’s 2 ways…

Clarity is a result of obtained knowledge and information coupled with the understanding of how to apply it to move you on a path towards your desired results. That was a mouthful right? What it means is that the correct information brings forth valuable knowledge. That knowledge is then ready to be applied in your business. You are moved closer and closer towards your desired results as you apply this knowledge.

Information that brings this knowledge can be obtained in two ways, in general. Free or Paid. In this video I’m going to introduce you to my Time vs Effort graph and the expected outcome of both the free and paid paths

Let me know what you think of my Time vs Effort chart.

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