You Have To Go Through – A Year In Reflection

I’m done beating myself up for not producing the desired results in my life (and business) fast enough.

I’m through with the secret thoughts of failure and the personal expectations of needing to be more than I am.

I quit.

The truth I have realized is that I’m exactly where I need to be. God has realigned me on a path that is drawing me towards what I was created to do. My true purpose.

For that reason I understand that I have to go through.

Often times I believe we want great things without going through great trials. We want the glory without the story.

In actuality it’s in the fire that we are refined, redefined, and realigned. It’s the fire that tests every element of our being that we once thought was true, exposing it as absolute truth or lie. The fire is what test your true motives and desire to really achieve what you have set out for.

It’s in the fire that your credibility is established to lead the next person through.

But you have to go through.

You have to go through the times of not understanding the process while being misunderstood by those who have never gone through the same process.

You have to go through the negative thoughts about yourself that seem to sabotage the very essence you were created to be.

You have to go through the frustration of not having a clear path paved before you or a guiding light to show you the way.

You have to go through not fitting in where you currently are, and not being fully prepared for where you are going.

You have to go through the feeling of accomplishing much in life and still feeling like there is a greater purpose.

You just simply have to go through.

I’ve been going through and I can tell you it isn’t easy. But what worth having is?

You’re not looking for easy, your looking for purpose. You’re looking for that very thing you were created to do to manifest into reality.

Easy has no place in going through. Going through will humble you. It will turn the expert into the student. It will strip you of all that you currently are, to become more than you ever imagined.

The bible tells a story of 3 Hebrew boys who survive a fire that killed all who got close to it. In other words, they were able to go through what others couldn’t even get close to.

By them going through, it made believers into all that witnessed.

That’s why you have to go through.

Don’t you see, God has graced you with the ability to endure what others cannot. This grace is what qualifies you for the trial.

Your coming out instills hope in others that they can do the same. That they can escape the mediocre life of “just getting by” and walk into abundance.

But you have to go through.

I’ve gone through. I’ve been tested, humbled, and created anew. Though it was painful and hard to endure at times, I thank God for the fire.

Not for my sake, but for the sake of the others I have been called to help.

I count it a blessing to have endured such hardships, because it has created a character in me no one can deny. It has molded me into the exact person I was created to be.

But I had to go through.